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Planning a trip home this holiday weekend with your dog? Even if you’re not, whenever you travel with your dog there are some essential steps to making sure you both have a great trip together. From their diet in the car to the leash situation to potty breaks, we’ve got all the information you need to make sure that your pup has a great time in the car with you!

Tip #1: Only travel with your dog if they are healthy. If your dog is feeling sick, always take them to the vet. If you’re planning to travel then make sure you ask the vet if your pup is cleared for car travel. If they’re not, then plan for a dogsitter or find a good place to board your dog if you’re planning to be away for a while.

Tip #2: When planning your travel, make sure that your dog will be restrained properly. If you’re planning to travel with your dog in a crate, that crate needs to be big enough for your pup to stand up, sit down, turn around, and lie down inside of. A good idea is to put soft blankets or towels and a favorite toy or two in the crate for the journey. If you don’t travel with your dog in a crate, get a harness tie-down so that your dog doesn’t wander around the car and injure themselves. Never let your dog ride on your lap!

Tip #3: Always have plenty of water available for your pup. The best kind is either distilled/filtered water, or water from the tap at home if that’s what you normally give your dog. Since these animals have very sensitive GI tracts, it’s important that they have familiar water to drink. Food is a no-no since dogs can get carsick too!

Tip #4: Don’t let your dog stick their head out the window. They might enjoy it, but you won’t enjoy the dirt, debris, bugs, and other nasties that can fly directly into your dog’s eyes, ears, and mouth and cause damage or injury!

Tip #5: Stop often for exercise and potty breaks. Not only could your dog use the stretch, but you could as well!

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