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Spring is… well, in the process of spring-ing, and with the change of seasons comes the desire to clean up and clear out the clutter of winter. This applies to your vehicle as well, so we’ve put together this guide to doing a spring clean on your vehicle! Try it out on the next warm day and let us know how it goes!

First, you should focus first on the interior carpeting and upholstery. Using a damp towel, wash down the seats. Get rid of any rock salt debris, mud or dry dirt on the carpeting with a firm brush or a carpet cleaner, if you have access to one.

Next, switch gears and tackle your console. Avoid getting electrical connections wet, but do wipe them down appropriately. Clean out your cup holders as well, using cloths or a vacuum. Use a wet cloth to get the top of the dashboard, but be careful to dry it off thoroughly.

Wash your windows as well – insides and outsides. They need a bit of a shine, so why not give them what they need?

Check the trunk of the vehicle next. Clean out everything that has collected over the winter. This is also a good time to make sure that your spare tire is in good repair. Be sure your emergency kit is in order as well. Vacuum the trunk out.

Wash your car thoroughly with car shampoo and a soft microfiber cloth. Make sure to hose down your undercarriage well to get all the salt and road grime from the winter off and stop rust from growing.

Check your wheels and tires and make sure you’ve got good tire pressure and that your wheels are in good shape after the winter.

Finally, replace your wipers with fresh ones. Winter can really damage your wipers, and with spring rain you’ll need all the clarity you can get!

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