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Are you shopping for a new car? One of the most important steps in buying or leasing a new car is the test drive. Nobody walks into a dealership, points at a car, and says that’s the one get me a pen…well that might happen almost never, and it’s not the smartest move. Here’s way cars drive differently, you could own one car and trade it in for another similar in size and they could drive completely different. And what if you love how it looks on the inside but it SO uncomfortable on the inside?

If you’re going to spend money on something you want it to be exactly what you want, right? The same principle applies when buying cars, I mean why would you want to drop all that money on a car you don’t even love? So just take a test drive and think about three things when doing so your hands, your feet, your butt. Driving shouldn’t be painful so don’t make it!

Driving Test Tips:

    1. Do your homework: Find a car that would work best for your lifestyle, that means if you travel a lot you might look into a more fuel-efficient car, or if you’re adventurous you might look for a car that does well in rough terrain or has four wheel drive!

    2. Schedule an appointment with the car dealer: Actually, schedule several test drives for that day so you force yourself to drive several cars and not settle for just one.

    3. Make a list: Choose a handful of cars you think would work best for you, include features/accessories you want/need in your car

    4. Make a checklist: Before going into the test drive make a checklist of your perfect car, after each drive check off what each car had. This will help make you make an informed decision and remind you of each car’s features.

    5. Comfort is Key: Can you easily get in out of the car? DO you fit in the seats? Is your butt falling asleep halfway through? Whatever it might be, make sure your comfortable before saying yes.

    6. Check all the Technology: Especially if it is a used car, make sure to ask AND check all of the features before saying yes. If there is an issue ask for a discount or ask if they will fix it for free.

    7. Walk around the Car: You might fall in love with the inside but don’t forget about the outside. Take a walk around the car and check for scratches, dents, paint chips etc. If there is any damage ask about it and see what they will do for you

    Buying or leasing a new car is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience, not stressful. Test driving your car is the easiest way to validate you saying yes or no to a car. Signing those papers is a big moment and a big responsibility, so make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for before you do!

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