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We’ve all been there, you’re trying to find a spot in the hectic mall parking lot, you finally see a spot and race to go get it and the loser next to you doesn’t know how to park and is halfway over the line or parked diagonally and there is no way you can fit in there and now you’re back to not having a spot. Or how about when you go THE RIGHT WAY down a lane and someone is coming up the very narrow lane the wrong way and then you have to give them the death glare to let them know you don’t approve of their actions. Is that just me? Anyway, I have a couple handy tips for parking lot etiquette we should all brush up on, check them all out below!

Park straight in the parking space:

  • In a parking lot or garage where cars are parked in slots, leave room on each side so you can open your doors without hitting the cars beside you.
  • Overhanging the stripes will crowd the driver who parks next to you will inevitably lead to door dings in the paint.

Don’t straddle a line and take up two spaces in a parking lot or garage.

  • Some people with new cars or those who don’t want to risk having their car’s sides banged by adjacent car doors will park in the middle of two spaces. This is not only rude; it also makes it impossible for others to park at all. Crowded garages and lots need every space.
  • Take your turn when waiting for a parking spot:
  • In a crowded parking garage or lot, when you see someone pulling out of a space, get as close as you can and turn on your turn signal to let other drivers know you have “dibs” on the space
  • If another car is close to the space and has its turn signal on already, you lose! The other car gets the space.

Make sure your car is pulled into the space far enough, but not too far

  • pull your vehicle all the way into the space so the rear of your car is in line with other cars
  • This makes it easier for other drivers to see past your car when they are backing out of adjacent spaces, and also gives the widest possible driving lane between rows

Drive slow and watch out for pedestrians

  • Flying through the parking lot is extremely dangerous. Vehicles pulling out of spots might not see you and if you’re going too fast to stop an accident could occur
  • Pedestrians are cutting through spotS and walking back to their spots, if you are going too fast you could miss them and hit them. SLOW DOWN!

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