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You check your oil at least once a month, don’t you? If the answer to that question was “no, what are you talking about,” then you should be checking your oil at least once a month. Check it every time you get gas! It’ll tell you a lot about your engine and it’s a great way of making sure everything is okay under your hood between your regular oil changes. Here is how to do it!

Open the hood. Prop it so it stays open.

Locate the oil dipstick next to the engine. It should have a yellow handle and/or be labeled.

Pull out the dipstick and wipe it on a clean cloth or paper towel.

Dip the stick all the way back in.

Pull it out again and look at the oil level. If it’s in the middle of the hatched/indicated area, you’re good. More is better, less is okay, but if you’re lower than the area you need to get your oil topped up and have your system checked for leaks.

Look at the oil quality and color. If there are a lot of particles or if the oil looks sludgy, you need to get it changed as soon as possible.

Put the dipstick back in.

Close your hood.

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