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You have a messy trunk and you cannot lie. Clothes, plastic bags, camping gear, whatever may be back there – it probably doesn’t belong. This week we are coming at you with our guide on how to organize your trunk and keep it that way for miles and miles to come!

First: clean out your trunk, seriously, remove everything! Every spring clean must start with a clean, empty slate, your trunk is no exception. Divide all your items into two piles, keep and trash. If you haven’t used the items in a long time, it is time to toss it or donate it! Next, give your trunk a good clean, use a vacuum to get rid of any dirt or grossness that has built up over the winter (or since the last time you cleaned your trunk.) If your trunk mat has tough stains, give the mat a scrub down with proper tools.

Second: decide what is going to live in your vehicle trunk and what you can re-home. Clothing should be removed from your vehicle – unless you prefer to leave a sweatshirt or rain jacket inside like I do. Anything that you would not use during an emergency should be removed from your trunk. If you have an excess amount of plastic bags consider recycling them.

Thirdly: organization is key, right isn’t this what this blog is supposed to be about? Well, yea. But in order to organize, we needed a clean slate to work with. Now, if you choose to carry car fluids around with you in case of emergency consider keeping them organized in a shower caddy. The caddy will keep them from rolling around your trunk and spilling if the top ends up opening. A trunk net can also work wonders in keeping your belongings from banging up against your trunk door. Or if you have tie downs, secure your items with one to prevent damage to your trunk or loud noises when you are driving.

Lastly: place your items back into your trunk that you plan to keep. Be sure to give your trunks mat enough time to dry completely if you washed it. Use your organizers to keep your items protected and your trunk clean from any messes!

Keeping your trunk organized and clean can also help improve fuel efficiency by riding your vehicle of unnecessary weight that you are carrying around!

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