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Let’s be honest, we have all driven our vehicle on the verge of empty. When that little light flicks on, we often think “how far can I push my ride? How far will it go?” But you don’t want to do that. Why? Well, this week we have your answer to why you don’t want to let your fuel tank run too low and the costly repairs it can cause if you do tend to let your tank run nearly empty each time.

The fuel pump in your vehicle sends gasoline from the tank to the engine, it really is a crucial component to ensure that your car will run and get you from point A to B. But if you like to let your fuel tank run low on gas, you run the risk of being stranded on the side of the highway. And, that’s no fun.

When you run on low fuel, the fuel pump, strainer, fuel filter, and electric motor can begin having problems. Gasoline cools the electric motor and with little to no fuel, your motor will overheat and will not function properly. Running your vehicle out of gasoline means air, not liquid gas, will have to do the job of cooling the vehicle’s windings.

No gasoline + heat from windings = overheated electric motor, melted windings, and a dead vehicle.

Plus, gasoline also acts as a lubricant for the fuel pump and will prevent any premature wear and tear of rotating parts.

At the bottom of your fuel tank, you will find sediments, when you run your vehicle on low fuel these sediments will be sucked up and can clog the strainer or gunk up the filter. When these components become clogged, a sufficient amount of fuel will no longer reach the engine and your vehicle will NOT run. And eventually cooling the electric pump will become an issue when these parts are clogged.

Long story short, Don’t run on fumes and save yourself from costly fuel tank repairs! Also, keeping your vehicle gassed up and ready to go at all times, this will even help in the event of an emergency!

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