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Springtime is known for construction time. After the winter blues, construction workers are working hard to get our roads safe once again. And while they are working to make sure our travels are safe, it is our job as motorists to make sure they are safe while on the job. Whether you are an experienced driver or a newly licensed one, the tips in this week’s blog are extremely important to ensure that you and the road construction workers return home safely.

Slow Down, Be Patient

Often times we see people flying through a construction zone. There are set speed limits for safety reasons – slow down, be patient and take your time. It is more important that you get to your destination a few minutes late than not at all.

Expect The Unexpected

Everything is changing – lanes, speeds, driver’s, workers on the side of the road – take it slow and be prepared for things to happen unexpectedly. Driver’s are known for changing lanes quickly, keep an eye out for this and let them over.

Obey The Signs

Road construction isn’t meant to inconvenience you, they’re necessary improvements to ensure the safety of drivers. With that being said, take guidance from flaggers or if you see a sign, obey it. Their job is to keep you safe while passing through the zone so, do your job as a motorist and obey the rules of the road.

Expect Delays

Road construction tends to lead to delays – plan for it and be patient. Avoid the stress of construction zones by leaving a few minutes earlier or seek an alternative route. If you don’t have to pass through the zone, don’t. It will create less stress and won’t cost you any time.

Stay Alert

Being alert will ensure your safety along with those whom you share the road with. Keep your eyes up and avoid distractions like the radio, your phone, and passengers. Look for stopped traffic in front of you, don’t tailgate, and merge as soon as possible. Your alertness will contribute to efficient traffic flow and will keep you less stressed.

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