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Have you ever found yourself in a situation with a dead car battery and not sure exactly how to change it? Whether you have or have not, this week’s blog is your guide on how to change your battery before being stranded with not a clue how to swap it out!

A good place to start is making sure your battery needs to be replaced in the first place. When you have your oil changed ask to have your battery tested – this test will give you an idea whether it is time to replace or how much life your battery has left.

If you do decide that it is time to change your battery here is how:

Step 1: Make sure you are parked on a flat, level surface and your vehicle has had the appropriate amount of time to cool down. Pop open the hood, locate your battery, and decipher the positive cable from the negative. The positive will have a plus sign and is often red, the negative will have a negative sign and is often black.

Step 2: Disconnect the negative terminal first, loosen the bolt and remove the cable from the port. Do the same with the positive terminal. It is important to do the negative terminal first because you run the chance of shorting out your circuit if you do the positive first.

Step 3: Now that both cables are disconnected, unclamp your battery. Once this is done, you can remove your battery from the tray. Be careful, batteries tend to be heavy. Ask for assistance if you need it. Clean your terminals and your battery before inserting into the battery tray. Clean the terminals using a battery-cleaning solution and a wire brush. If there is excessive corrosion to the clamps, consider having a mechanic replace them. Let the area dry completely and insert the new battery.

Step 4: Once the battery is in the tray, secure it with the battery clamp. Then, reconnect the positive terminal first and then the negative – tighten the clamps with a wrench. To avoid corrosion, apply an anti-corrosion solution to the terminals. Close up and try to start your car – if it starts you are good to go. If your vehicle does not start, check your connections and make sure your battery it tightly secured.

And there you have it! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy – you now have a healthy, new battery and you learned something new! If your vehicle continues to have problems or continues to die unexpectedly, give us a call or schedule a service appointment online today! Our service department can help you with all your battery needs, issues, and questions.

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