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This week’s blog is expanding your vision and has a remedy for those blind spots we all struggle with!

Convex mirrors are a quick and easy fix for those hard to see spots. Stick these mirrors onto the outer corners of your wing mirrors after giving your mirrors a good wipe down! These mirrors can be found at your local auto parts store. Note: you should not do this if you have leased your vehicle.

If you’re not sure about an adhesive solution, you can adjust your mirrors to help eliminate those blind spots. Here’s how:

Adjusting your rearview mirror to allow you to view directly to the rear is a great start. Don’t tilt your mirror to get side views, angle it straight back through your back window.

Lean your head until it is almost touching your driver’s side window, adjust your left mirror so you can just barely see the side of your car – no more. Lean your head to the passenger side as far as you can, comfortably, while sitting up. Again, adjust the right mirror just enough so you can barely see the right side of your car.

You should not be able to see the side of your vehicle when your head is upright!

Lastly, an aftermarket clip-on rearview mirror with convex edges and a larger field of vision will allow you to see more of what is behind you.

These tips are a quick, easy way to make sure you have a full range of sight every single time you turn on your vehicle.

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