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We all know a clean car is a good looking car, yet sometimes the car wash can be backed up and can be expensive. This week’s blog is car washing 101 and class is in session. Check out our tips how to wash your car and keep it looking like you just pulled off the lot!

First things first… wash your wheels and tires first, if wheel cleaner or dirt happens to get onto your vehicle you can simply wash off after. Use a water-based cleaner with no corrosive chemicals, scrub with a wheel brush to rid your wheels/ tires of any built-up dirt and grime. Rinse and dry with a microfiber towel before moving onto the next.

Step 1: Fill a clean bucket with water and soap, choose a car shampoo that won’t strip your vehicle’s wax and provide lubrication for grimy particles. *If you notice swirl marks when you wash your car, try filling two buckets, one with soap and one without. Before you dunk your sponge for more soap, dunk it into the bucket of clean, non-soapy water. This is cleaning your sponge of the dirt and grime that you just took off your car and will help prevent swirl marks.*

Step 2: Rinse your car, make sure you get those pesky, hard-to-reach spots too. This will get rid of loose dirt and grime and ultimately make washing your car a little less of a hassle. When rinsing your vehicle, wash top to bottom opposed to front to back. Suds up your car, rinse and repeat. Instead of a sponge, wash mitts are a great option. For pesky spots, like grime or bugs, try a spot cleaner that will help remove the stuck-on mess.

Step 3: Drying your vehicle after washing is extremely important, it makes all your hard work worth it. Using a clean microfiber cloth, dry windows and mirrors first, then move to bigger surfaces like your hood, doors, and trunk. Don’t forget door jams or any hard-to-reach spots. Lastly, dry your wheels and tires.

Step 4: A spray wax or sealant can help rejuvenate the shine on your vehicle.

Now, sit back and enjoy your clean car!

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