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Are you sick of parking in the driveway because you have neglected the garage almost as much as I’ve neglected the gym? If so, I think it’s you might want to clean that bad boy out. Besides the fact that your poor Mazda is stuck in the driveway, it’s important to keep your garage clean. Your garage is home to family items, tools, work supplies, etc. so it’s important that everything has a home and you can quickly access it when needed!

Garage organization presents some unique challenges: how to pull together cars with toys, tools, sporting equipment, beach chairs and cleaning supplies? In one space? Don’t stress it can be done, I promise!

Step 1: Do the basic cleaning

  • Pick up unnecessary items on the floor -Nails and other small items on the floor
  • Clean any unwanted oil or chemical stains with soap and water
  • Dust away those cobwebs…We all know they’re there

Step 2: Separate

  • Once you’ve cleaned the basics take everything out and start organizing
  • Separate into categories, toss, keep, donate, and trash
  • Don’t be a hoarder!

Step 3: Organize the garage into zones

  • Decide what you have the most of…toys, tools, sporting equipment, etc.
  • Give designated areas for each category (the biggest space for the category with the most)
  • Stay organized by taking the time to organize for other members of the house

Step 4: Utilize all of your space

  • Looking into getting storage for the walls, hang tools, bikes, gardening tool, etc. to help save shelf space

Step 5: Maintain Garage Organization:

  • The last thing you want to do is turn around and have to clean your garage again…at least not right away
  • Make sure to inform the other house members about your new organization and set rules about where things go and if they are placed properly they will clean it next time
  • It’s recommended to organize your garage twice a year to stay on top of the clutter (usually start at the end of summer/ beginning of fall and clean the next spring)

With five simple steps, you can have a clean garage and help maintain a clean garage! There’s nothing better…Oh, wait! You can finally put your Mazda in it now! Now there is nothing better! All that organizing is sure to work up an appetite — be sure to check out our list of the best restaurants in Orchard Park for ideas!

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